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Beds for Cats

Cat bed is quite an important accessary to get for your cat. Cat beds can have different shapes and forms, colors, fabrics but they should be soft and cozy. It can be just a pillow or a cat house or it can be a luxury cat lounge. No matter how it looks like your cat should feel comfortable on it.

Below you can see pictures of different cat beds. In stores and online they sell a huge variety of cat beds. It is up to you which one to get for your cat. It doesn’t matter if you bought it or made it yourself the thing which matter if that it should fit your cat by size. The beds for British kittens or Maine Coon kittens should be quite big. It is recommended to place a cat bed in a more secluded corner. The good place will be somewhere by the window.

Types of cat beds:

  1. Wicker baskets

  2. Plastic baskets

  3. Donut cat beds – most popular type. Made of soft material and stuffed with a soft lining these beds have slightly higher sides

  4. Cat hammocks/radiator beds/ Window cat beds. Big advantage of this type of cat beds is that it gives your cat a big opportunity to observe the world go by.

  5. Cat caves/tubes/tunels - one of the most favourte types.

  6. Enclosed/cat igloo beds – made of fabric and provide the most privacy to your cat.

Cat igloo bed

Cat tube bed
Plastic cat bed

Wicker cat bed

Donut cat bed/ lounge

Cat hammock

What to look for in a cat bed:

There are many factors you should look at when buying a cat bed. These include:

  • Size. It should be large enough for your cat to stand and turn around in, but should be snug enough to make your cat feel secure.

  • Warmth. It should have high enough sides to keep your cat warm. Enclosed beds hold the heat in better, if it is an open bed, it can be placed close to a heater, but not close enough to be a fire hazard or burn your cat.

  • Ability to wash/clean. If you decide on a fabric cat bed, look for one that is machine washable. This is important as your cat bed will need to be cleaned frequently to remove dirt, fur and in the event of a disease/parasite outbreak.

  • Comfort. This goes without saying. Either opt for a bed that has adequate filling, or if choosing a plastic style bed, line it with soft blankets.

To encourage your cat to use a cat bed try to put some treats, cat toys or catnip in it. If the cat goes in, pet him and tell him that he did a great job.

British shorthair cat

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