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If you are interested in a British shorthair/longhair kitten and/or have any questions or want to be put on a wait list please feel free to contact us by using a form bellow or give us a call. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. 

We will highly appreciate if you give us a little information about yourself when contacting us - such as your location, information about you current pets, if you have any, your experience with working with other breeders if you have any. 


Success! Message received.


This is the only and official website of British Glory cattery. Besides our social media accounts ( Instagram ^british_glory^ and Facebook page ^British Glory Cats^) we don't have any other websites, market platforms nor representatives. We are looking for new homes ONLY for cats and kittens shown on the page AVAILABLE KITTENS - we don't have any other cats nor kittens available for adoption. Please, don't be fooled by scammers who might use information from our website and act on our behalf. Contact us by using contact form on this page, phone number provided or messenger on our social media accounts. Getting a kitten from our cattery or any other cattery please always be sure that you talk to a real breeder (cattery owner, cattery operator) not a cat/kitten dealer and paying for a real kitten. 

All the information and media published on this website is subject to copyright. 


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