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Our Kings

Black Golden Chinchilla British Shorthair Male Cat
Qwerty Golden of British Glory
Aka Mister Q

Gender: Male

Breed: British Shorthair

Color: Black Golden Chinchilla

Date of Birth: January 10, 2018

     Qwerty is the Main King of our cat family.

In simple words, he is just the BEST cat: extremely handsome, very intelligent and super loving and friendly. 

    Qwerty's grandfather Simba won multiple Grand International Champion titles in many world cat shows and was sold for $50,000 which made him the most expensive cat in the world. And Qwerty is a true carrier of his grandfather's legacy.

    In the house we call him Mister Q. Mister Q has very dense and plush bright golden chinchilla coat and wears white "mittens" with it. His tail is very thick. Qwerty has very strong and rounded body and full cheeks. The color of his eys is forest green.

  He has extremely loving and friendly personality, greets everyone who comes to our house and always spends some time on their lap.

    He is TICA and ICU-registered.

Blue Golden Shaded Point British Shorhair Cat
Blue Golden Point Manfred

Gender: Male

Breed: British Shorthair

Color: Blue Golden Shaded Point

Date of Birth: April 1st, 2018

     Manfred is our younger and 2nd King in the cattery. 

      Manny has a very unique, unusual and exotic color - blue golden shaded point. It is a very soft and warm color. Cats of these color are quite rare and hard to find. 

      Manfred looks like a Teddy bear with his puffy cheeks on baby face and a little bit sad eyes. His eyes are extraordinary stunning. His eyes are rounded, big and wide open and have a very deep and saturated  blue color. Very saturated blue is another hard thing to find in color point cats.

       A lot of times Manfred acts like a Teddy bear too. He loves to cuddle and play, and likes to announce his demands in a very vocal way.  He loves to "chat". Sometimes he is quite goofy and likes to tease.

        Manfred is WCF and TICA-registered.

Nigel of British Glory

Gender: Male

Breed: British Shorthair

Color: Black Golden Chinchilla

Date of Birth: May 5, 2020

     Nigel is the newest addition to our Golden Chinchilla breeding program.

     Nigel is a powerful-looking large cat, he has a broad chest, strong thick-set legs with rounded paws and a medium-length, blunt-tipped thick tail. The head is relatively large and rounded, with a short muzzle and broad cheeks. His perfect sized ears are widely set. Nigel's eyes are very round and have light green color. 

      The King has a very dense and extremely plush short coat of saturated red golden color with very minimal black tipping, almost unnoticeable. 

      Nigel is a very easy going and sweet-natured cat. He is very playful and loves to chase a toy. When chasing a toy he is super fast for his heavily built body. He is a big purrer AND an affectionate  drooler. He loves attention and sometimes is quite demanding. 

        Nigel is WCF and TICA-registered.

Certified pedigrees for all our breeding cats are available upon request 

      British shorthair and longhair cats of GOLDEN colors are absolutely stunning cats which impress with their beauty, elegance and luxurious look. Their fur is so soft - it feels like plush. That's why sometimes British shorthair cats are called plush teddy bears.

     All our cats have true royal characters. They always act in a very respectful and gallant way in any situation. They are never aggressive or restless and never scratch us. They are very quiet and calm loving cats. We are very proud of our queens and kings and always look forward to new beautiful kittens.

"Time spent with cats is never wasted" - Sigmund Freud

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