How to train your cat to use a scratch post…

How to train a cat to use a scratch post or scratch board? – This is the first question new happy cat owners ask after they bring home such an important cat accessory as a scratch post or a scratch board. The training process takes several steps. The first thing you need to do is to put your cat next to a scratch post and start to play with him using any kind of toys. The clue here is that the kitten should not get scared and has to get used to being so close to this new thing. But how to make a kitten to use it? After playing with a kitten for a little bit take his front paws in your hands and show him how to use a scratch post by scratching it with his claws. You have to have a lot of pati

The History of British Shorthair Breed

There are two theories of the origins of British shorthair cats. According to the first theory British shorthair cats were originated from domestic cats of Rome and Egypt and were brought to Britain by Roman legionaries more than 2000 years when Rome invaded the islands. Historical data about these events we have right now describe cats as symbol of good luck for people. Historical chronicles about Ancient Rome mention big grey cats with sharp claws and huge yellow rounded eyes. It can easily be a description of a British shorthair cat. Second theory refers to France as a birthplace of British shorthair cats. In XVI century French monks of La Grande Chartreuse monastery raised a very special

Beds for Cats

Cat bed is quite an important accessary to get for your cat. Cat beds can have different shapes and forms, colors, fabrics but they should be soft and cozy. It can be just a pillow or a cat house or it can be a luxury cat lounge. No matter how it looks like your cat should feel comfortable on it. Below you can see pictures of different cat beds. In stores and online they sell a huge variety of cat beds. It is up to you which one to get for your cat. It doesn’t matter if you bought it or made it yourself the thing which matter if that it should fit your cat by size. The beds for British kittens or Maine Coon kittens should be quite big. It is recommended to place a cat bed in a more secluded

How to train your kitten to use litter box.

How to train a kitten to use litter box? This is first and most important question new cat owners ask as soon as they get a cat. You get a kitten and now you have to train him to use a litter box if of course he doesn’t use it yet. How to choose a right litter box? Choosing a right litter box is a very important task Types of litter boxes: Nowadays they sell a huge variety of litter boxes in pet stores: Disposable litter trays Sifting cat litter pans Open litter pans/ with high sides or with just high back Hooded litter boxes/ Litter boxes with hood and door Top entry litter boxes Self-cleaning litter boxes You can see different types of litter boxes at these pictures . When buying a litter

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