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How to train your cat to use a scratch post…

How to train a cat to use a scratch post or scratch board? – This is the first question new happy cat owners ask after they bring home such an important cat accessory as a scratch post or a scratch board.

The training process takes several steps. The first thing you need to do is to put your cat next

British cat

to a scratch post and start to play with him using any kind of toys. The clue here is that the kitten should not get scared and has to get used to being so close to this new thing. But how to make a kitten to use it? After playing with a kitten for a little bit take his front paws in your hands and show him how to use a scratch post by scratching it with his claws. You have to have a lot of patience. Every time when you see your loved pet scratching his claws in the wrong place, never beat him nor scream at him but softly express your indignation to him then pick him up and patiently bring to the scratch post/board.

How to train adult cats to use scratch boards?

The training process is pretty much the same as when you train a kitten but since it is an adult cat which is used to scratch his claws against the coach it might be a little bit more difficult.

The main thing here is to pick the right shape, length and size of a scratch board or scratch post which fits your cat needs the most considering his size, height, weight, body shape and habits. And after, showing as much patience as possible try to explain him that using a scratch board is much more comfortable then using a coach.

British cat and a scratch board

Nowadays to make the training process as easy and simple as possible they sell sprays for scratch boards in pet store. They contain special smells and pheromones which attract cats and drives them to scratch their claws against the scratch board. Just spray the scratch board or scratch post with it and it won’t take long to see first results. Just make sure you do not overspay it ;) Another thing you can use is catnip – it is probably the best option to use on cardboard scratch boards.

And if you play with your cat while training him it will make him extremely happy.

Now you know how to train your cat to use a scratch board or scratch post whether he is just a kitten or an adult cat. You can use the same spray to train your cat to use a cat house or a cat bed.

Always remember – Kitten is like a little kid and you need to put some time and effort into him so he grew up well-behaved. Always try to find some time to train your kitten!

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